dryennie_jpg_220x308_q85 Rest in peace Dr. Yennie, Thanks for all you have done for us, you are being missed.

Welcome to the home of Acupuncturecharts.com research. I have been studying acupuncture on a clinical and scientific basis since 1985. Over the years I have accumulated hundreds of journal articles that provide insights into how acupuncture works on a physiological basis and how it can best be used to benefit the patients. The hard part is finding the articles I am interested in at any given time. With modern technology I am now able to organize the research on this website. I thought it would be nice to share this organized information with the natural health community. Since this site is a constant work in grogress, it will often contain broken links, inefficient graphics, and mild glitches. Please be understanding and enjoy the information. If you know of articles that seem like they belong on this site ,send them my way and I will put them up for all.

Art Annis D.C.,Dipl.Ac (NCCAOM) (ABCA) email dr.art.annis@gmail.com